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Why Agritourism

In its simplest of definitions, Agritourism involves tourists taking part in farm, ranch, orchard, vineyard and village activities, such as animal and crop care, cooking and cleaning, handicrafts, and other forms of entertainment.

Agritourism, a subset of the larger leisure activity called Rural Tourism, in reality brings together two divergent but dependent cultures, meshing and intermingling old and new, city and country, metropolis and rural. Those who dwell in cities and those of rural populations converge providing mutual benefit. Both are given what they seek. For one, it is escape from the pressures of a “rushed and hectic” city life to discovery of a simpler less complicated venue; the other, of monetary remuneration and revitalization.

Agriculture is one of the oldest most basic sectors of our economy, and one of the most vital to our survival. Tourism, although not new, is one of the most rapidly growing forms of leisure activities today. Combining these two presents challenges but also great opportunity for those who have chosen to make their living in a shrinking sector of the economy. Utilizing our farms, ranches, orchards and vineyards to take advantage of the upward trend in Rural Tourism offers real and substantial solutions to an ever-changing economic and political environment.

Agritourism, the most popular form of Rural Tourism, brings meaningful and tangible answers and produces significant, quantifiable results for those who choose to take part in it.

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